Does Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Modify Brain Waves Permanently?

Is it possible that long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields could eventually change your brain waves, therefore changing the way you think, how you process information, and what sort of chemical splashes your brain delivers based on your observations, studies, reflections, and memory retrieval. Now then, and you must realize this is purely speculation, and my comments come from observations of many individuals over several decades now, so, I have this little personal theory I'd like to share with you along these lines.

You see, I've met many individuals who have worked in places under a constant electromagnetic energy field. Perhaps they worked in a hydroelectric plant, a telephone switching station, in an air traffic control facility, or they work in the communication facilities at a military installation. Now then, before you chock off this theory of mine and throw it into the category of; conspiratorial theories, I'd like to remind you that the brain is actually an electromagnetic organic device.

That is to say it works on energy, sends pulses of energy - even though hardly detectable by any sort of standards of let's say our personal computers - therefore, it will be affected within the electromagnetic field of any other device. There are plumes of energy everywhere in our society, our homes, our businesses, as well as in and around our infrastructure. Consider if you will that many churches now have cell towers on top of them in the shape of a cross, and the cellular companies give the church a commission for allowing them to use their steeple as the base station.

If everyone is inside praying, and their minds are busy thinking about whatever it is they are thinking about, and they are doing this within the plume of electromagnetic energy with frequencies in the microwave spectrum, no one can say to me that there is zero affect. We may not be able to notice it without hooking people up to fMRI machines, but you can bet there is some affect. My question is what is it - and, what about the preacher who works in that building every single day?

Indeed, it is not my point here to scare any religious folks who are worshiping under that situation, we could very easily talk about air traffic control personnel, those working in the military next to radar systems, or any other group of people who live or work around strong electromagnetic fields. There will be in effect, both short and long-term?

The short term effects we can probably figure out very easily, my question is what are the long-term effects? In observing various people who have been in those situations I have noticed often enough, they tend to process differently, and think differently. Is there a connection? Please consider all this and think on.

Article Source: Lance Winslow

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