Why Can't We Take Biology 101 to a Higher Level to Keep the Student's Interest?

Let me ask you something? Are we selling our kids short with the No Child Left behind Act? Shouldn't we be pushing our kids to think, reason, and adapt? Shouldn't they be using the information which we force into their heads through rote memorization in positive ways? There are many programs which NASA is doing in our local schools around the country. When it comes to such difficult subjects such as biology, I say we take it all to a higher level. How high you ask?

How about as high as we can get, how about space?

"Why Can't We Take Biology 101 to a Higher Level to Keep the Student's Interest?" How so you ask? Well, for instance why can't our high-schools talk about NASA's Astrobiological Research and ask the students the tough questions and have them do real inquiry and research, perhaps look stuff up in the latest scientific journals. Let me give you an example;

Solar Radiation is a problem for Private Space Flight, future space hotels, moon base due to no atmosphere if it the buildings are on the surface, which might be wise due to Moon Quakes, out gassing, etc - should we worry about Solar Maximum periods, and plan to set up our construction during a time of solar minimum?

12-year solar maximum/minimum cycles, we are in a maximum cycle, so should we get everything ready to go now, so it can all be built during the next minimum, or do we wait one more full cycle, which is pretty far out time wise and hope that new aterials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene coatings can solve these challenges, even while we build?

Do we build on the back side of the moon, and then live underground when the Sun shines, which isn't often, but of course it does occur - if we build on the back side of the moon, perhaps for mining or other reasons, what about shielding for meteorites during construction? How do we reduce the oxygen needs, something we will have to produce there from other compounds already there? How do we keep humans healthy in less-gravity?

How about; Sports in Space? Interestingly enough, teenagers would love these topics as they play sports, and it is right up their alley and amongst their interests. In fact, I had once nearly completed an eBook on that topic, still in progress somewhere on my old computer in fact, but consider the discussion of human performance in zero or low gravity dwells, now that's absolutely a cool biological thought to think on for the future.

Why don't we challenge our younger generation in a way that we ourselves were never challenged? Perhaps they can rise to the occasion, we shouldn't count them out, we shouldn't consider them stupid, and we shouldn't retard their minds with frivolous nonsense and silly tests. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Article Source: Lance Winsllow

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